Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I was locked in today

Jessica has a very bad cold. Juergen let Jessica and I sleep in this morning. He got the other kids off to school. When I got up I started to clean the house. At around 11am the door bell rings. It's the mail man with a package. The door was locked, and I could not find my keys. I could not open the door so I signed for the package through the mail slot (strange)! I looked some more, but then I remembered my keys were in my car! I could get out of the house through the back door, but I wouldn't be able to get my keys. I called Juergen. He came and got the keys (thank God he had a spare key). What will I do with out him when he goes to Canada and America? He is such a great help and I will miss him so much! I can not even sleep when he is not home. I stay half awake listening for the kids.

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caring for the garden said...

Amy, you are working yourself up to a frenzy. Please calm down. You and the kids will be fine. Juregen will be gone only for a short time and all of you will do OK until he returns. Getting an extra set of keys to your car and to the house is always a good idea. Just thank God you were motivated to do so before Juergen leaves. In fact, take a look around and take care of any other "things" before he leaves. It will make all of you feel more secure.